Professional Sports Teams That Make Houston the Ultimate Sports City in Texas

As the biggest city in Texas, Houston leads other cities in the state in many social aspects including sports. The city hosts league after league throughout the year. Maybe it’s the right weather that makes Houston a sports city. But Houstonian’s love sports too. If you’ve been to any sports bar when top professional sports teams in Houston are playing, then you have witnessed how massive groups of fans ardently cheer their favorite teams. Few cities in the U.S can match Houston’s sports spirit.

There’s a broad range of sports that have developed deep roots in the culture of Houston – from ball games to horse racing. You can be sure to find sports events running concurrently at different corners of the sports city almost at any time of the year. Fans are flooded with choices of which professional teams to watch.

Houston NBA Teams

Three teams have consistently provided Houston fans with the thrill of NBA for quite some time now. The Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, and the San Antonio Spurs have each been at the helm of basketball by winning championships. They keep the Texas basketball fire burning. You would not want to miss the action on the court when any of the three NBA giants is playing.

The Houston Baseballers

Major leagues in Texas are never complete without the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. Both teams are old boys in the sport. Since the 1960s when the teams were formed, they have shown fairly consistent competency and occasionally made it to the World Series. An afternoon spent at Minute Maid Park watching the Astros is a great moment for any baseball enthusiast.

Fancy footwork pros in Houston

Houston levels all assumptions that depict football as a not-so-popular sport in the U.S. The Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans know how to dance through the defense and perform amazing hat tricks on the pitch. The Texans are the apple Houston’s eye. Football fans flock sports bars all over the city every other Sunday to watching some breathtaking soccer action from the team. The Cowboys popularity for high football prowess is unmatched to any other professional football team in the U.S. The team has bagged five Super Bowl medals.

Hockey Teams

Hockey fans also have a fair share of Houston’s sporting culture. When everybody else is going wild over their teams’ performance, hockey fans are cheering the Dallas Stars at one of the hockey rinks in the city. The Dallas Stars is the 1989-99 Stanley Cup winner and occasionally offers Houston’s fans great entertainment.

Houston is undoubtedly the city of sports in Texas. Whichever the season, top professional sports teams in Houston bring their struggle for victory to every screen in town and fans look forward to the fun of chanting and cheering. The love Houstonians have for sports, and their teams are indescribable. If you are a sports fan to whom watching professional sports teams playing is the definition of a great evening or weekend, life in Houston could be so exciting for you. In fact, the sporting culture in the city is one of the primary reasons why Houston receives many visitors. Check out bodyweight burn system review and free download. It’s a great way to start living a fit and healthy lifestyle.


Moving to Houston, Texas – Planning Your Move

So you’re looking to move out to Texas.

No matter what’s drawing you there, be it the oil industry, the ranches, and farms, or just those nifty hats, you’re going to need a place to lay your head every night. If you’ve got a family, that just makes it even harder to find the perfect place to plant your roots down in your new home.

Don’t worry, though. We got you covered.

Buying and Renting

The first thing you have to do is decide on whether or not you want to buy or rent a place.

Buying is the obvious option if you’re planning to stay there for any meaningful length of time. If you’re picking up your life and family to get a fresh start, buying is the way to go.

Renting is your best choice if you’re going to Texas for something a little less permanent. A summer job or internship, a year of schooling at your chosen post-secondary institution, or even just an extended vacation.

There are currently around 8,200 homes for sale in the area around Houston, Texas, and we’ll give you some general information to pick out the best one for you.


The average listing price for a home in the area is about $400,000 right now, give or take a couple thousand. Obviously, you’ll be able to find the place on the low or high end of the spectrum around that price, but that’s around what you’ll be seeing on average.


The median you’ll be looking at for rent per month is about $1,500. As with the listing prices, you’ll be able to find monthly rent on the high and low end of the spectrum, but I’d be prepared to pay that much if I was looking for a place to stay.

The Neighborhood

If you’re moving to a new place, you obviously want to know what the place is like, right?



The city of Houston, Texas is quite large, and obviously, the rent and listing prices will get higher and higher the closer you get to the bustling city center. Remember when I said that $400,00 was the average listing price?

The high end of that spectrum is $1.5 million.

That’s what it’ll cost for you to be right in the middle of things, closest to all the amenities.


Your safety and the safety of your family is paramount. Checking the crime rates for a city before you move there is just common sense.

In the past year, there were over 82,000 counts of theft from people. Separate from that; there were over 20,000 counts of theft from a vehicle, and over 18,000 counts of theft via burglary.

The first number is extremely high. The second is alarming but less frequent than the first. The third is paltry when you take into account the sheer size of the area they counted in that survey.


If you have children coming with you to Houston, fear not! There are no less than 736 schools located in the city and the surrounding area, so your child will have the pick of the lot when it comes to education. Lessons on entrepreneurship can be found at this site:

That number includes all kinds of schools, from elementary to middle to high school, so it’s probably a bit less populated with places of learning than you’re thinking. Nevertheless, you’ll never want for a place to send your kids to get their head stuffed full of knowledge.


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